What you pay right now because of underfunded highways:

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Safety: You Pay

  • $948 annually for each Texas resident in accident-related costs.*
  • $6.5 billion statewide due to serious accidents caused by older roads which do not meet current safety design safety standards. (Includes lost productivity, lost earnings, medical costs and emergency services.)*

Household Expenditures: You Pay

  • $343 annually for each Texas driver in additional repair costs, increased fuel consumption, and tire wear due to poorly maintained roads. That’s $5.3 billion statewide, every year.*
  • $1,500 in total congestion costs every year per Texas household. By 2035, it increases to over $5,000 per year.**

Quality of Life: You Pay

  • 37 hours every year in traffic delays for each urban or metro motorist.**In 15 years, your wasted time doubles to 74 hours.**

Texas Economy: We All Pay

  • Congestion costs the Texas economy $10.8 billion per year. By 2025, that number will reach almost $30 billion.**
  • Underfunding highways increases the cost of everything you purchase. From the groceries you by off the shelf to the goods you buy online, transportation costs are factored in.


The Road Information Program (TRIP)

** Texas Transportation Institute (TTI)

*** 2030 Committee