What you could pay with well-funded highways:

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Raising highway investment will save you money. Everyone with a vehicle knows that prevention costs less than repairs. By investing in highways, your household costs go down.

  • Texas households currently invest $232 per year for their roads. At this level of spending, it costs you $6,095 in total vehicle use and maintenance costs.***
  • An additional $174 in taxes and fees reduces your total vehicle costs to $4,825 and saves you $1,096.***
  • An additional $279 reduces total vehicle costs to $4,228 and saves you $1,588.***
  • $402 more each year reduces your total costs to $3,652 and saves you $2,041.***

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*** 2030 Committee

Our goal is to educate Texans across the state about the importance of taking care of our state's road and water infrastructure in order to foster safer communities, promote job creation and stimulate economic growth.

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