Your voice is needed on this important issue. Contact your state legislators today and tell them to protect and keep the promises they made on highway funding.

Our Texas roads and bridges are funded by:

  • Gas tax receipts
  • Auto registration fees
  • Our share of Federal highway funds
  • A portion of oil and gas severance taxes
  • Part of the state sales tax and motor vehicle sales tax
  • An end to diversions of highway monies to other purposes
  • Tolls

Even with this combination of resources, it’s hard to keep up with the demands of a growing Texas. Beginning in 2014, the Legislature made a commitment to prioritize transportation funding. If funding falls short, or a funding source is threatened, our needs won’t be met and the Legislature’s promise won’t be kept. After voters overwhelmingly approved additional transportation funding through Proposition 7, some members of the Texas Legislature are now considering diverting those funds away from transportation.

Tell your Legislator to Keep The Promise!

Current Projects

Click here to see an interactive map of all current Prop. 1 projects in Texas
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Find out how Texans are Bridging The Gap for Transportation Funding

Find out how Texans can Bridge The Gap for Transportation Funding.
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Our goal is to educate Texans across the state about the importance of taking care of our state's road and water infrastructure in order to foster safer communities, promote job creation and stimulate economic growth.

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