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The Cost of Doing Nothing

The Biggest Transportation Cost
Isn’t the Gas Tax.
It’s the Hidden Costs No One Talks About. 

By now, Texans know a lot about gas taxes, tolls, and registration fees. But what about the hidden costs no one talks about? The ones that are left to you, the consumer, to absorb?

The truth is, you already spend more than you should on Texas highways. By failing to invest in highways, the cost is shifted to you in the form of:

  • wasted time stuck in traffic
  • damage to your vehicle
  • accelerated tire wear
  • increased likelihood of being in a serious accident

These cost you thousands of dollars more than any highway funding increases proposed by state leaders. Underfunding highways costs Texans more, not less. If you don’t want to overspend for using Texas highways, you should know:

You already are.

That’s the cost of doing nothing. Stop paying with your time, your safety and your pocketbook. Tell your legislators to invest in highways again.

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What you pay right now because of underfunded highways

What you could pay with well-funded highways

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