Interstate 69 Expected to Revive ArkLaTex Economy

By February 14, 2013 August 1st, 2014 No Comments

A project as big as Interstate 69 costs money, and lots of it and in todays economy, we all know that’s hard to come by. In Texas alone, TxDOT has dedicated $637 Million to the I-69 project to further it’s development. We spoke with officials in Austin Texas, at I69 day at the state capital about what they’re doing to ensure the I69 dream becomes a reality for the ArkLaTex. Robert Nichols, Texas State Senator said, “If you draw a line for where truck traffic wants to carry goods to bring them through the state, it is the northeast and the midwest and the straightest most economical route is along the route of I-69.” That’s why Senator Nichols and other leaders in our area say i-69 is a project that must be completed… Soon.

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