‘Dire States’ car tour makes stop in Abilene, presses for more highway dollars

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ABILENE, Texas – The “Dire States” car tour arrived in Abilene early this morning, toting an old rust bucket — the significance? Texas roads are as old as this car.

This tour was made possible by the combined efforts of CASE Construction Equipment, The Texas Good Roads based in Austin, and the Transportation Association.

Spokesperson of this tour, Dan McNichol, arrived here to promote Proposition 1. This Texas amendment on the November ballot, if passed, will direct oil and gas tax revenue towards Texas infrastructure and HWY systems — $1.4 billion to be exact.

According to TxDOT they require $5 billion more to meet the current demand for road maintenance, and according to Bill Elverman, the spokesperson for CASE Construction equipment, road maintenance is something Texas roads sorely need.

“Proposition 1 is an amendment that is being put to a vote this fall,” Elverman said, “and it will take $1.4 billion dollars from oil and gas revenues in the state and put them towards highway road and bridge projects that are sorely needed here in Texas.”

If this proposition were to pass in November, projects would not only be seen statewide, but according to Lawrence Olsen, the executive vice president of Texas Good Roads, the Abilene community will see road projects as well. “This would mean projects in Abilene and the 17 counties that comprise the Abilene highway district,” said Lawrence.

This proposed amendment will only effect Texas and its infrastructure system, and many believe Texas is on the right track, “I have come to learn that Texas has got it figured out,” said McNichol, “dialed in on how to pay for it and Proposition 1 is that future payment mechanism.”

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