Facts about Proposition 1

Why Proposition 1?

  • Texas is falling far behind.
  • Texas’ population is increasing by 1,100 persons each day.
  • An annual investment of $10.8 billion is needed to maintain 2010 road and bridge conditions.
  • In 2016, there will be only $2.9 billion available for new highways and road maintenance.
  • The Texas Department of Transportation has said it needs more than $4 billion in additional annual funding to maintain current congestion levels as the state’s population grows.


The Time is NOW!

  • Proposition 1 creates more jobs.
  • Proposition 1 reduces congestion.
  • Proposition 1 increases safety.
  • Proposition 1 will NOT increase taxes.
  • Proposition 1 will NOT create debt.
  • Proposition 1 will NOT fund toll roads.


Hundreds of Texans, local officials, state legislators and organizations have joined together to support Proposition 1 this November. Join them by filling out the form below!

Our goal is to educate Texans across the state about the importance of taking care of our state's road and water infrastructure in order to foster safer communities, promote job creation and stimulate economic growth.

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