Over the past century, Texas has created a transportation system with few rivals. According to the State Comptroller’s Office and the Texas Almanac, Texas leads the states in total road and street mileage (300,000 miles), total railroad mileage (more than 10,000 miles) and total airports and airstrips (about 1,800). Texas has 49,829 bridges; 423 miles of intracoastal waterways along the entire length of its coast; and 28 ports.

Future growth in Texas’ population will bring challenges for the transportation system, forcing the state to increase capacity, repair deteriorating infrastructure facilities, decrease or at least control traffic congestion and address safety issues – while also meeting state and federal air pollution standards.

Learn more about the challenge of maintaining our world class transportation infrastructure by reading The Cost of Doing Nothing.

Our goal is to educate Texans across the state about the importance of taking care of our state's road and water infrastructure in order to foster safer communities, promote job creation and stimulate economic growth.

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